From July 30 to August 3, South Lobby – Daniels Spectrum

Ten local photographers of various Pan American origins were commissioned to create portraits of local Pan American residents of the greater Toronto Area. The photographers and their subjects all hail from North, Central, South America or the Caribbean, but display a diversity of age, origin and occupation. The exhibition celebrates both the photographers’ individual approaches to portraiture, and their subjects’ individual histories. 10×10 Pan American Faces is a small window into the experiences of new Canadians within the fabric of life in Toronto, underlining the growing sense of kinship that is shared across the Americas.



A freelance photographer based in Toronto. Born in Mexico she has also travelled and lived in numerous places throughout Europe, United States and Canada.

Her educational background combines digital media, technology and visual arts. Laly‘s experience includes working with models, musicians, and actors. Her photographic milieu is infused with discovery. Portraying the energy and sense of a moment in time is woven in her photographic work.



Although born in Colombia on October 19, 1984, Diego Mora was raised in Europe, where at a young age, he was introduced to a variety of artistic styles and cultures. His early childhood memories of discovering galleries and museums, with a camera in his hands, was only the very beginnings of Diego‘s interest in the fascinating world of photography.

Diego returned to Colombia to attend University. It was during this time that his passion for the enigmatic world around, in the form of captured images, ignited and led him to borrow his uncle’s Pentax K1000 camera.

In the midst of his journalism studies at Quindio University, Diego was invited to attend a product workshop in Bogota City. His excitement for fashion and portrait photography landed him a place at The Zone 5 School, where he attended workshops and honed his photography skills. Inspired by the works of many famous and masterful photographers, Diego realized the reflective potential of photography to reflect true beauty, even in sometimes ugly realities. After working with a variety of talented photographers in Bogota, Diego decided to define his own style to reflect his own views: less is more, as simple as chic.

Currently, Diego’s love of the world and its vast opportunities, people, and cultures has brought him to Toronto, where he is keeping busy with a variety of projects and getting an influx of ethnic diversity in to his work.




Yara is a 20 year old costa rican/german self taught passionate photographer, daring traveler and adventure seeker. As a kid she loved to express herself through artistic ways such as painting, dancing and shooting pictures with disposables cameras she got for Christmas.

Now she’s interested in design and web development. She shoots in digital but is exploring and getting much into analog photography as well. Yara is currently living the city life in Toronto, willing to find a new direction, open to new creative opportunities and endlessly creating herself.



Colombian Architect who decide a few years ago – when he immigrate to Canada – change the route of his career to become a freelance photographer: One of his passions. In 2010 he created the company MAGIC VISION Photography where he offers social and corporate services like photo wedding, sweet sixteen, events, portraits, etc., as well as Real Estate Virtual Tours. Since then he has awesome success. In 2013 his company won, well deserved, the Top Choice Awards as the Best Photography Studio in Toronto, thanks to his dedication at his work. In 2014 MAGIC VISION Photography won recognition from the Brazilian Community for his images.

His work is well seeing in local Hispanic, Brazilians and Canadian magazines as well as Newspapers. His company counts in 2015 with six talented people and more than 120 contracts per year.

Mauricio’s main hobby is playing tennis. He is a member of a couple Tennis Clubs in Toronto.



Born in Caracas – Venezuela. Lawyer from Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Caracas, 2002. Master’s Degree in Corporate Law from Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, 2006. One year of photography in Roberto Mata’s Photography School, Caracas. Enrolled at Mohawk College in Creative Photography: Still and Motion Program and just completed her first year in 2015.

Despite her career as a corporate lawyer, her passion has always been photography.

Since she started at Mohawkʼs, she has shown drive, passion and perseverance. Her work has been highly commended, and has been source of inspiration for other fellow photographer students. She’s covered events for McMaster University and Mohawk College, specially Mohawk’s Open House as a Live Photoshoot Photographer since she started the program. Currently, Patricia is working in business portraits, family portraits, weddings, and some personal projects in order to build her portfolio, while she prepares herself to establish her own Photography Company.



Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, Alejandro Santiago began his photography career documenting the U.S tour of rock band 311 at the age of 18. With Miami as a backdrop, the multicultural city helped foster a diverse and soulful perspective on life and art. While studying digital design at Parsons School of Design in New York city he began his journey of experimenting and studying with photography, lighting and design; the result led to a blend of gritty, street photography, matched with a keen aesthetic eye for form and design.

Alejandro Santiago brings the studio to the streets playing off landscape and his subjects to tell a story through his lens.  Santiago has work as an assistant on photo shoots for Viva Glam for Mac Cosmetics and David Lachapelle. His photographs have appeared in Maclean’s Magazine, Photo District News, The Globe & Mail, The Miami New Times,Feature ShootNow Magazine, The Grid & Fab.

Santiago’s was won the Photo District News’ “The Shot” competition for his photos of Toronto’s Caribana festival. He won Adorama’s Best Shot of 2012 for his image “Crossing Queen’s Quay”.  Santiago currently splits his life & work between Miami & Toronto.

Alejandro manages  ¡OYE CUBA!, a Tumblr which features his photography from the streets of Cuba. His street portraits were featured in Photo District News  ”World In Focus” exhibit and magazine.




Jorge Thielen Armand is a Venezuelan filmmaker and photographer. He recently directed the short documentary Flor de la Mar, which won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short at the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival.

In 2014, Jorge was selected to participate in the Accelerator Program of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and the Talent Lab of the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival. Jorge’s photography has appeared in magazines such as Vagabundo and Qwerty, and in the publications of valued clients including The Ontario Power Authority, Gowling Lafleur Henderson, and the government of Venezuela.




Born and raised in Mexico City. Based in Toronto. I take photos that aspire to tell a story with light, texture and colour. Whether for client work or my own artistic endeavours I strive to create images that can universally transmit an idea, feeling or moment of human nature. I photograph food and drink, products and portraits, but whatever the subject matter the process of making images is always one of exploration and collaboration. Born and raised in one of the biggest cities in the world, color, music, food and family were, and still are, my life’s essentials. Some of my fondest memories are those of playing “photography studio” on the rooftop of my home with my little sister and baby brother, and I always try to capture some of the magic of those times whenever I can, in my images and in my life.collaborate with others to create it. Born and raised in one of the biggest cities where color, music, food and family are the essentials to live, brought up in a house hold of an Accountant and a Nurse; with a new born baby brother when I was 12 years old and having the most fun and memorable times was going to the rooftop of my house mid-day with my little sister and baby brother to play the photography studio game, it was then when I realized that the idea was to tell a story in a moment of human time.




I’m Chilean and I live just over two years in Canada. As a review, I am a person of great artistic sensibility, I love being in touch with people and help so I decided to study nursing and currently have a degree. A career that I love and that has given me great satisfaction. I am the oldest of three brothers who are in Chile with the rest of my family. Decided to move to Canada with several projects in mind and guided by my heart every time I was aware that it would not be easy but looking back I see as my effort is bearing fruit. In Canada I had the opportunity to desempenarme in different areas and to develop my love of art through painting.



Colombian photographer based in Toronto. Following this passion since he was a kid; starting from analog Photography in 2003 and then jumping into the digital world in 2005. Carlos holds a degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Graphic Design. As digital artist, web designer and independent filmmaker, he has explored himself his creativity in all the digital media areas, integrating all concepts to create always new and compelling ideas.

Carlos has not only focused his photography career mainly on portraits, beauty and weddings, but also keeping inspiration through street-photo, urban and cityscapes. In the Canadian community, his work has been recognized over the years. Commercial and fashion photography are part of his portfolio, which featured in magazines like Wedluxe, Bold Magazine and Archibald Men. Photojournalistic is equally active in his portfolio where his work has been shown, such like, ilovetoronto.com, jamiesarner.com, torontoism.com and others.